ALL ABOUT Crystal Lasik

LDV Innovation was established in 2001, originally founded under the name, Laser Dermavision. The amount of registered capital started at 100 million baht. LDV Innovation has more than 13 years of experience in the Medical Laser field, in which they have been offering dentistry treatments, LASIK ophthalmic surgeries, and skin beauty treatments with remarkable results. LDV Innovation has a safe and efficient track record handling these treatments procedures to achieve the desired outcome. Particularly, in regards to Refractive errors treated with the LASIK procedure.

Besides, using advanced technology to provide excellent LASIK service, LDV Innovation is also a distributor of the leading healthcare furnishings and modern medical equipment to best facilitate hospitals, doctors, and patients to maximize results with comfort.

We provide the best service with the leading innovative technology to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction and patient quality of life.

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